Eyes Like Stars: The Audio Edition

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The Fairies with Keyboards SALE

The fairies have also broken into the Full Cast Audio's computer system and arranged the following deal:

Starting January 13th, you can get 25% discount on your order of the audio edition of Eyes Like Stars. And as an added bonus, that discount will apply when you add any other FCA titles.

In order to qualify, you have to order directly from Full Cast Audio, either using their website or by phone at 800-871-6807 (ask for Sue). And when you order using the sales code STARS will get you the 25% discount.


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You can order the 8CD Full Cast Audio edition of Eyes Like Stars as a Retail Edition (ISBN 978-1-936223-03-9) or get Library Edition (ISBN 978-1-936223-00-8)


Listen to some excerpts:

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Presenting Beatrice

What Will Become of You?

Sedition Amongst the Ranks









SPOILER WARNING: The scene we're sharing here reveals a significant plot point.



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