The Cast

Bertie Portrait

BEATRICE "BERTIE" SHAKESPEARE SMITH (How Bertie Came to the Theater): Left at the Théâtre Illuminata as an infant, Bertie has grown up surrounded by all the characters from every play ever written. Appearing at the moment in Cobalt Flame, she's also been seen in Crimson Pagoda! (the Musical) and the modern, interpretive piece entitled Pandemonium Yellow.  While onstage, she enjoys cueing unauthorized scene changes and firing off the pyrotechnic cannons. When not wreaking havoc, Bertie can be found lolling about her bedroom set or in the Properties Department, playing with toasters.

Nate Portrait

NATE (The Little Mermaid):
Excelling at lifting heavy objects (including Bertie) and tying sailor's knots, Nate is rumored to have a very interesting tattoo. As part of his nautical heritage, he steadfastly adheres to all traditions and superstitions of the theater, and politely reminds you to not utter the name of That Scottish Play during your visit to the Théâtre Illuminata.

Portrait of Ariel

ARIEL (The Tempest):
Possessing a very nice singing voice, the ability to play the pan pipes, and the power of flight, Ariel is accompanied most places by his butterfly familiars. He has recently been studying the art of the tango and will demonstrate both his footwork and his prowess in a limited engagement entitled "One Night In The Properties Department."

Portrait of Moth

PEASEBLOSSOM (A Midsummer Night's Dream):
Classically trained in both wire-flight, ballet, and glitter-trailing, Peaseblossom is the only one of the four fairies to possess any conscience whatsoever. Though she finds it tiresome to be the responsible one all the time, she nevertheless has studied Stern Looks under the tutelage of Mrs. Edith, and regularly travels with the Censorious Touring Company, with occasional moonlighting gigs.

Portrait of Moth

MOTH (A Midsummer Night's Dream):
A world-renowned Master of Improvisation, Moth's extensive credits include rude jokes, inappropriate gestures, and noxious emissions. He graduated with dishonor (Magna Cum Loudmouth) from the Tangled Shoelace Conservatory and studied the fine art of  the Musical Armpit under renowned conductor, Axillary Intertrigo.

Portrait of Moth

COBWEB (A Midsummer Night's Dream):
Having skated through the contents of jam pots, Cobweb's most recent work can be seen on the floor of the Green Room. He has, in his long and glorious career, racked up extensive destruction on the mainstage, the chandelier, and the Ladies' Dressing Room loo. Last year, he won the coveted Dress Circle Award For Excellence In Nose-Picking.

Portrait of Moth

MUSTARDSEED (A Midsummer Night's Dream):
Perhaps best remembered for his part in the production "I Wasn't Anywhere Near The Cannon When It Went Off," Mustardseed has largely withdraw from public life. He can, however, still occasionally be heard whistling "Don't Cry For Me Argentina" and "Gonna Wash That Man Right Out My Hair" while jumping on cupcake trampolines.

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